Effects of Rock Music in Humans

Music is so much more than the notes on a paper. It can change the way we speak, think and feel. It is almost impossible to find any person that claims o not like and enjoy listening to music. The taste of music varies from person to person. Some people like calm and soothing music whereas some prefer to listen hard rock kind of genre. No matter which genre of music anybody likes, it has the same physical and emotional effect as long as you enjoy the music you are listening to. Here, we are going to discuss about rock music and the effects it has on human mind and body.

            Rock music is superior to any other genre because it is still popular even though most of it came out decades ago and it takes immensely more talent, time and effort to create than most of other genres made today. Rock music can tell a detailed story in as short time and two or three minutes. This music can bring up happy and tragic memories. It can lift your spirits and can connect with the feelings of heartbreak. It allows you to remember being in love for the first time and even your first break up.

            As most of our brain is used to understand and perceive the rock music or any other genre of music, it can result in better functioning of our motor skills, cognitive skills, creativity, memory skills and many other functions as well. If you are truly a fan of rock music, you can be affected physically, emotionally and socially by this genre. Let’s see some of the effects the rock music has on humans.

  1. Elevates Moods and Energy

Listening to any music is like doing meditation. Just like in meditation, listening to rock music releases happy hormones in your body, serotonin, for example that is helpful to calm your body and makes you feel happier that you already are. It leads you to relax and de-stress which can enhance your physical and mental performance. Contrary to the popular belief that the loud music of rock music increases your anger, it can actually help to control your anger as shown by the recent studies regarding to this genre of music. The fast tempo of rock music energizes you and makes you forget the physical efforts you are going through. The right music can work as the distraction and helps to maximize your effort in any tasks.

  1. Motivates Action

Sometimes people are stuck in life and feel like there is no way to move forward. They seem to lack the idea of knowing what to do next and it gets kind of boring. The strong lyrics used in the rock music can foster emotional changes in them and make them fire up and get into action. Actually playing rock music can be better that just listening for some of the people. In some cases, people can make major life decisions backed up by the powerful rock music.

  1. Boosts Creativity

The idea and techniques used to learn and understand rock music can increase the creativity in some of the younger children. Because of the shared sense of creativity and interests, people often tend to collaborate well with others. The number of keys and shifting notes used in rock music works as better exercise for children learning to play any instruments and can be helpful to create more music of their own. The beats and tempo of the rock music helps to concentrate better. When we are mentally focused and free of stress, we are at our most creative state.

  1. Helps in Social Skills

Rock music helps bonding with people sharing the common interests and hobbies. You get encouraged to socialize with the people with the same taste as music as your own. Music can help you outgrow your shyness and social anxiety and allows you to share your skills and knowledge with other people with same taste of music as yours. Listening to your favorite music before socializing can make you feel good about meeting other people.

  1. Improves Mental Health

Listening to rock music helps to improve your brain activity. Listening to rock music can have the same effect as listening to classical music, which improves the quality of functions that takes place in the brain. Light classical rock music makes your brain work much better and makes coping with many tasks much easier. Melodic rock music improves your reactions, thought process and memory.

How can we separate emotions from music? Along with the physical benefits of the rock music there are some emotional benefits as well. Rock music is typically described and loud and energetic as the lyrics are shouted and screamed sometimes. But if you still love this genre than it can have many benefits on the emotional level. As metal songs are paired with emotional lyrics, listening to metal provides an outlet for processing intense emotional feelings like anger and also helps to relieve stress. The high level of energy from the rock music can also help to provide the emotional release.

Emotional Benefits of Listening to Rock Music

  1. Helps Reduce Depression

Depression is a mental health condition that causes low moods and loss of interest in things you used to enjoy. Listening to rock music helps you to lessen the negative emotions and reduce stress. In a survey of 377adults conducted in 2015, it was found that metal rock fans were happier and less regretful that those who like other genres of music.

  1. Gives the sense of acceptance

There are many people who feel alone and want to be a part of the group. Listening to rock music, going to the concerts of your favorite bands and being a fan of this genre can help you to bond with the people of shared interests. Being alone and isolated impacts your health negatively. The knowledge that you share the same interest as so many other people can ensure the feeling that you are not alone and are a part of something.

  1. Helps in cognitive functions

People who prefer intense rock music tend to think more logically and in more complex terms than those who don’t like rock. It is also seen that people focus more on their works while listening to the rock music and its derivatives.

As rock music was originated in the mid 1950s and was evolved in the 1960s, it is true to say that the fan circle of rock music consists of many adults who are following this genre since the origin of rock music. But, it will be unwise to say that only adults are the fans of rock music. The number of young rock fans is significant around the world and most of them are in the teenage years. The effects of rock music can be clearly seen in them because of their young age.

  1. Motivation

Most teens find it difficult to communicate with their parents and their elders about their problems because of different ideologies and their age gap. They feel shy to seek out help with them probably because of the fear of judgment or the questions that follow. As rock music typically contains emotional lyrics, they find it easier to relate to the songs and find hope and encouragement listening to the music about similar problems they are going through. The identification and understanding of the lyrics makes them tolerant and open-minded and helps to get away from their insecurities.

  1. Mood Regulations

Due to the physical and emotional changes followed by the hormonal rush in the teenagers, they are prone to mood swings and depression. The positive and emotional lyrics in the rock music provide means to forget their problems and engage in healthy activities. They can use the rock music to improve moods and deal with personal conflicts.

  1. Stimulation

The strong and fast beats and tempo of the rock music make teens energized and livelier. Rock music can be used to set the tempo during workouts and exercises and can be used to provide musical awareness.

What you listen to will have a great impact on you especially on mood, creativity and socializing thoughts. These are effects that can be enjoyed too by listeners of this type of music. Just like any other genre, rock music will boost positive effects in the brain of an avid fan. Listening to music of any genre can be therapeutic and may provide a powerful emotional release. Rock music is no exception. Many fans can be energized by its powerful sound and find solace in emotionally intense lyrics.

Rock music has many positive effects, as does Love Revolution. We are here to celebrate music, adventure and life. We are here to make friends and to get inspired by friends, music and different cultures. We respect and help each other. We find our dream and together see them being fulfilled. We see life as an adventure and we welcome everyone to explore this overwhelming journey together. Let’s come together to promote the colors of music, life and adventure.




Best adventure activities in Australia

 Do you possess a bold heart? Do you dare to take daunting risks? Are you willing to overcome your internal fears? Because the land of Oz invites the adventure seekers to step aboard on a daring binge by indulging in some of the most reckless adventure activities in Australia that can scare even the bravest of the souls. So, experience some of the most exciting adventure tours in Australia during your next holiday trip.


If you are truly an adventure enthusiast then you can surely not miss out on the chance get high, and I mean literally high. Australia is the place where you can soar high above the clouds and enjoy the magnificent landscapes from above. The feeling of floating in the air is not something that can be described in words but every adventurer needs to experience to cherish it for lifetime.

White River Rafting

Boasting of number of breath taking rapids, white water rafting is one if the most thrilling adventure sports in Australia. From beginners to veterans, this sport is open for everyone. All you need to do is gather some strength and slip into some protection gears to take a splash into the calm as well as fierce rapids. Tully river, Franklin river, Murray river are some of the rivers where you can enjoy the love for your rafting adventure.

Bungee Jumping

Brace yourselves for an exciting jump from as enormous height on your adventure vacation to Australia. Leave your phobia from heights behind and get involved in the audacious activity of bungee jumping. All you have to do is fasten your ankles with the elastic rope and enjoy a free fall from an elevated platform to achieve a thrilling feat that you can boast about. Brisbane, Cairns, and Gold Coast are a few places where you can experience the thrill of this adventure sport.

Mountain Biking

If you are interested in mountain biking and want to challenge yourself then Australia won’t disappoint you. It is home to several places which offer this activity and are ready to treat the adrenaline junkies like you. Being one of the extreme sports in Australia, the activity will need all your focus and strength in order to give you the prefect experience. Derby, Daisy hill are the places for your mountain biking experience.

Rock Climbing

With rugged cliffs, majestic mountains and gigantic rocks, Australia is a wonderland for climbers. Put your core strength to test by indulging in climbing in Australia. Availability of numerous instructors, necessary equipment’s and hearty companion like Love Revolution can make this activity even more enjoyable and safe. Mt. Arapiles, Glass House Mountains are some of the places to go.

Glass House Mountain

Scuba Diving

Australia is home to a great number of exciting sports and one of them in scuba diving. It offers several spots to dive and will spoil the adventurer in you like never before. It is home to colourful reefs and gorgeous waters that you will not think twice to jump into the water. You must definitely see the Great Barrier Reef and experience the beauty of the underwater world first hand.

Jet Boating

Jet boating is one of those activities that will make your heart skip a beat. Australia is no less when it comes to offering jet boating. It is home to blue waters that are perfect for this activity and give you the most refreshing experience. Sydney is one of the best places in Australia to indulge in jet boating.


If you want to have a thrilling experience then canoeing can be of the best choices. This thrilling and memorable experience is offered by The Blue mountain range located in New South Wales in Australia. Another thing that heightens the excitement is that this place is a world heritage site. Some other canoeing places are Wollemi Wilderness area and Ningaloo Sea reef.

Hang Gliding

Ever dreamt of flying freely like a bird? Hang gliding is one of the most popular adventure sports in Australia which can make your dream come true. Soar high in the eternal sky and cherish a bird’s eye view of the scenic landscapes as you revel the awe-inspiring activity during your trip. Sydney, Queensland, Tasmania are some of the places for you to fly high in the sky.

Sky Diving

Satisfy your hunger for an adventure through a thrilling affair with the wind. Achieve a gallant feat by jumping from thousands of feet by indulging in one of the most popular adventure sports in Sydney. So, brace yourself and look forward to cruise through the air as you dive straight onto the land from the sky. Skydiving is one of the extreme sports in Australia that you must add to your bucket list. Sydney, Melbourne, Queensland Western Australia are some of the places where you can enjoy the free fall.


If you are not so much into adventure sports but still want to try some in order to have some thrilling experience, then zorbing can be an easy solution for you. You will have to get a giant ball of hamster and roll down the hill. Bear in mind, it is not as easy as it seems but is equally exciting.

Camel Riding

With all this scuba diving and canoeing, it is hard to believe that Australia can offer you an amazing experience of camel riding as well. There are several tours that will either take you to a ranch where you can learn about the culture of the country or a beach where you can watch the beautiful sunset. It is safe and guaranteed to raise the adrenaline level in you. Uluru is the best place to have camel riding experience.

Kite Surfing

With an extensive coastline filled with numerous sandy beaches, Australia is a paradise for kite surfers. Experience the thrill of surfing, sailing and wind surfing in one single sport of kite-surfing. Indulge in one of the most popular adventure sports in Australia for swift sailing and enjoying an ultimate affair with water.


Australia has some of the best walks, hikes and treks ranging from famous mountain hiking and trekking trails to great wilderness walks. With varying geological structures, Australia can provide you with different paths for trekking from easy ways to the most exhausting ones. It is the best way to pump up your adrenaline while enjoying the beautiful scenery of Australia.

Adventure Caving

Calm down your adrenaline rush by indulging in the audacious activity of adventure caving. It is a unique adventure sport in Australia that allows you to explore the depths of the world thriving underground. Consume the vibes of haunting caves as you walk or crawl past the narrow paths with just a torch in your hand. Mammoth cave, Jewel cave, Capricorn cave are some of the places to go underground.

Shark Diving

If you are thirsty for adventure then dive into the deep blue ocean along with huge and fierce sharks and get your thirst quenched. Swimming among these sharks is a once in a lifetime experience that would also allow you to witness the extensive underwater life in Australia. Add it in your bucket list and enjoy the stimulating experience.

Cliff Camping

Ever wondered of sleeping in a bed suspended over a towering cliff? Such is the experience of cliff camping that will send chills down your spine. It is one of the most daring adventure sports in Australia which includes a thrilling quest of an overnight stay in portal edge with the world under your feet from where you can admire the attractive views of the surroundings, and spectate a majestic sunrise. Mt. Buffalo and Red chills are the places to enjoy this thrill.

Indoor Sky Diving

If you want to experience the feeling of free fall but not sure you can jump from the plane, then this indoor sky diving can be a very good alternative for you. The wind from the  wind tunnels will give you the feeling of falling freely and the indoor setting ensures your safety. It an be very good choice for adventure seekers to experience the thrill of sky diving safely.

Ocean Safari

Ocean safari is one of the popular adventure activities in Australia as the country is surrounded by the ocean. It can be the best way to experience the aquatic life in their natural habitat and to fulfil your dream of adventure at the same time.

There you are! Enjoy some great adventure time by earning the thrilling experience from some of the activities mentioned above. Australia can truly be your dream come true destination as far as your adventurous experience is concerned. Leave your fear behind you and move ahead towards once in a lifetime experiences you can get in Australia. Let us all come together to enjoy our life without fear and make friends along the way as we are all together in the world so full of nature, adventure and love. Let’s make our evolution worth it with our new Love Revolution

Why are Adventure Sports Important for Friends & Family? 

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Beauty in Adventure

Top Countries for Adventure Sports

According to a recent market report by, the sports market reached a global value of nearly USD 488.5 billion in 2018 and is expected to grow to almost USD 614.1 billion by 2022. Brazil is the best country in the world for adventure seekers. It has been widely assumed that extreme sportspeople are, for the most part, risk-taking, sensation-seeking individuals who lack connection to the natural world (Zuckerman and Neeb, 1979; Breivik, 1996; Zuckerman, 2009). However, recent research shows that while this is the case for some high-risk sports participants, other additional behavioral and motivational benefits may be derived from the exhilaration of the extreme sports challenge. Preliminary evidence suggests that in some extreme sports, emotional experiences of nature constitute a compelling component of the overall sporting experience. For instance, interviews with extreme sports participants suggested that they cultivate feelings of connection to the natural world (Brymer and Gray, 2010). Extreme sports are considered not simply as outdoor leisure activities where the most likely outcome of mismanaged mistake is accident or death but the experience of approaching danger is integral to these sports (Brymer and Oades, 2009)

Sport has the ability to bring people together.  Nelson Mandela, the renowned South African revolutionary and statesman, understood the transforming and unifying power of athletics and used it to effect change those protests and diplomacy couldn’t.

“Sport has the ability to alter the course of history.” Mandela remained steadfast. “It has the ability to inspire and unite people in a way that few other things can.” It talks to teenagers in their own language. Sport has the ability to instill optimism where there was previously only despair. It has greater clout than governments when it comes to bridging ethnic divides. It smirks in the face of all kinds of prejudice.”

People Nowadays are becoming adventurous. The world is a vast place, and there are many crazy things to be done in it. People are trying new things just to overcome their fear and collect experiences. Tourism and travel are among the world’s largest industries, and Adventures worldwide are attracting millions of adventure lovers from different places, which are becoming very beneficial for their countries. Adventure sports are prevalent among young age tourists. Adventure sports bring excitement by allowing tourists to step ahead of their comfort zone and build confidence to do something new. Adventure sports are becoming the fastest growing sport that attracts high-value customers, supports the National economy, and encourages many people to be daring and brave. According to a US News & World Report, Here listed a top 5 best Adventures country throughout the world :

 1 . Brazil, whose population is 211049519 has a GDP of $ 1.88 trillion

Adventure sports in Brazil  Brazil is a great and adventurous place; Adventure sports are the center of attraction for people who love adventures. The most popular adventure sports in Brazil are

  •  Surfing 
  • Rappelling.
  • Hiking
  • Cascading Canyoning.

2 .  Italy, whose population is 59,729,081, has a GDP of $2.01 trillion

Adventure sports in Italy – 

  • Hike the Dolomites from Ortisei.
  • ‘Fly’ over the Lucanian Dolomites.
  • Kayaking in Naples.
  • Scuba Dive in Parco Sommerso di Baia.
  • Ski Down the Italian Alps.
  • Paragliding over Castelluccio.
  • Canyoning in Umbria.
  • Snowboarding down Madonna di Campiglio.
  • White-Water Rafting in Calabria
  • Mountaineering in the Apennines

3 .  Spain, whose population is 47,133,521 has a GDP of   $1.39 trillion .

Adventures in sports in Spain 

According to the reports of a ‘pretty wild world.’ Traveling to Spain is incomplete without activities like water sports and skydiving. Spain has excellent topography, which is perfect for extreme sports. Adventure sports in Spain have more opportunities to see the most amazing views in every region. There are a lot of outdoor activities to do, from rock climbing, mountain biking, free jumping, rafting, and even wakeboarding. Some areas in Spain specialize in certain activities, such as caves, falls, and lush forests across the country. For instance, caving is famous in Catalonia to explore and witness rock formations.

4 . Thailand, whose population is 69,625,581 has a GDP of $544 billion.

Adventure sports in Thailand

Thailand advances itself to adventure holidays for the favorable year-round climate and the diverse landscapes and ecology. The best adventures in Thailand are typically based around the coast for sailing, kayaking, swimming, and much more or in the hills for trekking, camping, wildlife, and cycling.

5 .  Australia,  whose population is 25,365,745 has a GDP of $1.39 trillion Adventure sports in Australia – Australia is like heaven for adventures; it is a delight for adventure seekers to give a fantastic adventure opportunity to adventure fans. Australia offers the best adventure sports: Bungee Jumping, Adventure Caving, Blue Mountains Trekking, Cliff Camping, Skydiving, Canoeing, Zorbing, Scuba Diving, Jet Boating, Kite Surfing, Water Rafting, Shark Diving, Hang Gliding, Mountain Biking. Australia attracts most tourists due to its amazing adventures. Nowadays, people love adventure sports because it helps to motivate them to do something new and unique, which allows them to overcome their fear. In addition, Australia is a very safe country for tourists and travelers. Top Companies who are focusing on Adventures in Australia :

LOVE REVOLUTION :Love Revolution which is an AUSTRALIAN company focusing on AWAKENING, Inspiring, Persuading, Encouraging, Influencing, and EXCITING people to FIND their PASSION, their FREEDOM is willing to REVOLUTIONIZE the sports, music, and fashion world. According to the Love Revolution ‘ In their world nothing is easy but they BELIEVE everything is POSSIBLE, people must FOCUS, COMMIT, take ACTIONfind their dream, to LIVE their dream.

KANGAROO VALLEY ADVENTURE COMPANYKangaroo Valley Adventure Company offers guided and unguided outdoor adventure activities in Kangaroo Valley, NSW, including canoeing, kayaking, bushwalking, abseiling, rock climbing, platypus viewing, and mountain biking. They offer a personalized experience that genuinely comes from practicing and living an environmentally conscious lifestyle as a family-run business.

 RAGING THUNDER ADVENTURES :Raging Thunder is the center of the action. They will give their customers an unforgettable adventure experience. A wild ride with crazy fun guides, rafting with Raging Thunder. It has offered the best white water rafting tours. Their guides are highly-trained and passionate about sharing the experience of a lifetime with their customers.

EXPERIENCE OZ With access to over 3,000 adrenaline-pumping, soul-stirring, unforgettable moments, Experience Oz makes dreams come true and creates memories to last a lifetime. They have become synonymous with affordability, accessibility, simplicity, and inspiration, giving everyday travelers and locals the chance to experience more for less.


How Adventure Sports are Changing the World ?

According to Sadhguru, ‘Youth without any sense of adventure is not youth.’ As he said, Youth are very daring and keep trying new things. Adventurous sports are a fast-changing sector in today’s world. People are getting attracted to new places and countries to experience something adventurous and thrilling. Adventurous sports are not only for entertainment purposes; they are very beneficial for good healthpeople find themselves very confident, strong, healthy, and refreshed. Today’s youths face the problem of depression, anxiety, phobia, or fear of something that causes severe problems in life, some attempt suicide. Some died because they couldn’t overcome depression, anxiety, and fear, but Adventure sports have become a light of hope for many youths facing such problems today. One of the most significant changes kids are experiencing from adventure sports is their perspective and way of thinking something differently. Adventure sports are pushing youths to their physical and mental limits; it is helping children to keep control over their temper and stay calm during stressful situations and make the rest of their life easy to manage. Fear, phobia of something many people face such problems, but adventure sports are becoming able to turn their fear into a positive experience. It also helps boost people’s confidence level, positively impacting every aspect of their lives. 

Importance of Adventure sports 

Adventure sports play a vital role in people’s life. Also, they are very beneficial to the National economy as well as the natural environment 

  • Adventures can increase the Nation’s GDP by attracting more and more people to it.
  • Encourages sustainable practices 
  • Support Local economics.                                                                          
  • Overcome fear and build confidence.                                                 
  • It leads people towards positivity. 
  • Make people More daring. 
  • Create awareness among the public to conserve and protect wildlife.
  • create the sense of proper use of forest resources and avoid deforestation
  • Minimize pollution factors and uplift the natural environment. 

  As mentioned, adventure sport is essential for every aspect of human and natural life; it is responsible for positively changing the world